Photograph of Lars Tharp

Lars Tharp with statue of William Hogarth and his dog, Trump

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Past Lectures

William Hogarth, 'David Garrick as Richard III' (detail)

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
53 New Walk
Leicester LE1 7EA

A personal journey by Lars Tharp into minds and art.

Thursday 23 November 2017
Lecture starts: 7.30pm

Through art, humans have, for thousands of years, made contact with spirit worlds and the human soul.  From the voodoo rituals of stone-age hunting paintings on cave walls; to carvings for worship in churches and on altars; to confessional self-portraits expressing inner demons of doubt and despair; to static clay vessels capturing states of mind:  Art may convey in form what cannot be expressed in words.  By making the invisible visible, artists may expose, communicate and sometimes purge their inner demons.

For forty years Lars has lectured worldwide about and broadcast on ceramics and other art forms.  Tonight he reveals his choice of some of the most powerful, sometimes troubling, works from the human mind.

A star of Antiques Roadshow and Quizzeum where his expertise is enthusiastically shared, Lars Tharp is an international speaker on art. He devises and hosts cultural tours and lectures in Australia, Scandinavia, Europe and China and he is an expert on Chinese ceramics and William Hogarth.  He is an experienced museum director and curator of exhibitions in London, Wakefield and York. Lars Tharp is Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and is President of Leicester Society of Artists.

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