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I’m an expressive artist working out of Norfolk and the East Midlands. My inspirations come from nature and my emotional responses to life. Working largely from remembered emotions of real visual forms, the ideas are abstracted out in terms of colour and texture and transcribed into new form.

Generally, I work medium to large scale, although that changes with watercolour. I'm fascinated by the materials and process of painting, which is why I've studied most mediums. Each has its own personality and my work changes accordingly and that's exciting.

I’ve recently made Norfolk my permanent home. My cottage sits up on the western side of the Burn Valley in North Norfolk looking right across to the eastern ridge. The sun comes up over that ridge each morning and colours my world. I can see the fields and shapes of the land from far to near. The winter skies are gentle, misty, colouring soft pink as the sun rises. Trees still bare but turning into leaf and the low light throwing a pale glow across the fields and pantile rooftops. I can't see the river from here but I know it's there, running, moving, adding life. This is my inspiration for these paintings.