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11 June 2019

A project led by artist George Sfougaras addressing both the real and metaphorical journeys of people and cultures has received funding from Arts Council England.  

The project is informed by George's own experiences, and the authentic voices of refugees in Leicester to create the artworks.  The banners will be displayed in significant spaces in the City, including Leicester Cathedral. The focus of the project is on fluid identities and the changing political landscapes at the intersection between history and life events of individuals. It is intended that the artworks will be catalysts for discussion and reflection.  There will be a series of workshops and talks about the artworks, and a community printing resource for City of Sanctuary Leicester.

George Sfougaras is collaborating with the National Portrait Gallery and filmmaker Kate Drucquer during the course of the project, which spans the period between 27th May to 30th August 2019.  He will also be working with ROOT's  City of Sanctuary volunteers, Leicester Museums, Leicester Cathedral, Leicester Print Workshop, and the ArtReach coordinators of 'Journeys International'.