LSA Annual Exhibition 2005 poster

Prizes awarded at the 120th Annual Exhibition in 2005 were selected by an external judge -  John Gilboy, of the Orange Street Gallery, Uppingham.

LSA Annual Exhibition 2005

Society Prize

painting by David Easton

David Easton, Village Pattern 5

No.56 David Easton, 'Village Pattern 5 '

Beautiful composition and division of space. Fabulous subtlety and richness of colour.

Ellis Prize

Painting by Sue Graham

Susan Graham, Winter Light

No.65 Susan Graham, Winter Light

Wonderful quietude and simplicity; great subtlety of colour, making much out of little. 'Less is more'.

Orange Street Gallery Prize

No. 45 Nora Dalzell, Arboretum
A fine feeling for abstraction and the countryside in pattern and colour. A true sense of abstraction which is very difficult to achieve.

Guy Dixon Prize

No.46 Ralph Dalzell, Boats of Brancaster
Masterful in its economy, its assurance and its picture quality. Simplicity personified.

Henton Prize

92 Alan Oliver, Littlestone Beach
Terrific brushwork; elegant traditional composition, very unusual palette of purple, red and green. Off beat and very successful.

George Pickard Prize

Sculpture by Peter Carter

Peter Carter, First Love, stainless steel

29 Peter Carter, First Love

Wonderful drawing in the sculpture. Great understanding of form, great tenderness out of harsh metal.

Elisabeth Thistlethwaite Prize

122 Dylan Waldron, Chestnuts
Elegant, simple and beautiful piece of composition and colour. High level of drawing and craftsmanship

Specialist Crafts Prize

Robert Hewson, Harts
Chosen by visitors to the exhibition. This prize is awarded to the artist who receives the most votes from visitors to the exhibition.