Student winners Alice Miller, Lis Naylor and Da Hyoung Choi

Student Winners (left to right): Alice Miller, Lis Naylor and Da Hyoung Choi

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Student Award Winner 2018

Da Hyoung Choi, BA Fine Art (Part B, Year 2), Loughborough University

Student Award 2018 Runners Up

Alice Miller, BA Fine Art (Year 1), Loughborough University
Lis Naylor, BA Fine Art 2018, De Montfort University

"It has been a joy and an honour to work with LSA to bring these Awards which provide a platform for three talented fine artists at the start of their careers.  I look forward to following their individual journeys - each one a winner."

Dayle Flude, Cank Street Gallery, sponsor of the LSA Student Award 2018

Da Hyoung Choi - Winner 

BA Fine Art, Loughborough University (Year 2)

LSA student prize winner Da Hyoung Choi

Da Hyoung Choi's work archives documents as literature and film footages,translating them into paintings. She gets rid of paragraphs or scenes that are problematic to human rights  and recreates the past images that have disappeared from history to make a new, original image.

Painting by Da Hyoung Choi

Da Hyoung Choi, 'Into the Habitable World: Eye', acrylic on canvas

The most important concept in her current work is to create an 'archive impulse' using existing texts or images. Choi layers up the image of many archived documents on canvas to create this impulse. The more layers she builds on the canvas, the more textured and abstract the work becomes. 

Alice Miller - Runner Up

BA Fine Art (Year 1), Loughborough University

Photograph of LSA Student Award 2018 runner up Alice Miller

Alice Miller is interested in painting, ceramics and analogue photography. Recently, she has produced a series of small paintings which possess elements of unease in composition and focus. 

Painting by Alice Miller

Alice Miller, '45 Hours', acrylic on paper

The intimate scale and detailed nature of the work encourages scrutiny from the viewer. Alice Miller explores the human need to build and surround ourselves with a perceived identity.


Lis Naylor - Runner Up

BA Fine Art 2018, De Montfort University

Student Award 2018 Runner Up Lis Naylor

Lis Naylor's work is work is derived from the earth.  Immersed in the English countryside and the changing seasons Lis loves the outdoors and the tactile feel of natural materials.

sculpture by LSA Student Award 2018 Runner Up Lis Naylor

The statuesque steel armature is made from iron and carbon, chosen for its durability and strength, gypsum mined from the ground and mixed with sand, water and hay collected from a limestone hay store then rendered to finish.

Sculpture by Lis Naylor

Lis Naylor, 'Vernal', steel, plaster, hay, lime dust

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