Danielle Vaughan-artwork for Emergence

Two Queens Gallery
2 Queen St
Leicester LE1 1QW

De Montfort University
Masters of Fine Art Art Degree Show

Dates Open  - 11, 12 September - 10am - 4pm 
15 - 18 September - 10am - 4pm

Free entry

Danielle Vaughan |  Victoria Clark  |  Morrigan Dann  |  Rahma Hassen Alharthi  |  Lis Naylor  |  Jennifer Audiah  |  Courtney Askey  |  Jay L Clarke  |  Yusuf Dongo  |  Kirstie Bridges  |  Megan Sawbridge

The eleven MA artists have been creating work in isolation throughout the pandemic, meeting on zoom only. This free exhibition is a double celebration of meeting face to face with art and the end of the students’ Masters degrees.

Expect to see an eclectic mix of visually diverse themes and media, and an opportunity to participate too. All the work is inspired by the current process of emerging from lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic.

 “In ten years’, time I want this work to be a record of what we are feeling now, a visual representation of the direction society now moves towards and the changes we make as social beings.” says Danielle Vaughan. Danielle Vaughan provides visitors with life-sized human shaped cushions to sit on whilst reflecting on three post pandemic questions; asking us what lessons we have learnt, have our values have changed and what positive outcomes can we see, if any?  

Don’t be caught short by Jay Clarke’s art accompanying your visit, inviting you to ‘spend a penny’, alarmed if Courtney Askey introduces herself as a cyborg or Lis Naylor investigates oppression in white middle class women, it’s all happening here.

Includes LSA Member - Danielle Vaughan