LSA Slapstick exhibition poster


Trinity House
The Gateway

A zany exhibition of original artworks by members of Leicester Society of Artistts hosted and supported by De Montfort University.  More than 30 artists showed humorous works in this exhibition which was part of Leicester Comedy Festival 2006.

Dr Gerard Moran, Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design, said:

 "Selecting items for inclusion in the new LSA website was a very challenging task, with such a high quality of exhibits on show and with such a wide range of media present in the works.

 Inevitably, personal tastes tend to override objective judgement, no matter how hard I try.  But I have recommended consideration of six pieces which I think will best represent the work of the Society and the creative diversity of the response to the theme of Slapstick.  It’s merely coincidental, but probably lucky for me, that male and female artists are equally balanced in my recommendations.

 I hope I have captured in this selection the vitality of the show, the striking use of colour prompted by the theme, the sense of celebration in movement and the evocation of the darker, violent side of physical comedy – all of which qualities leave a lasting impression of this exhibition."