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  • Spotlight | THE ART OF AMBIGUITY - by Lars Tharp

    13 November 2016

    Lars Tharp discusses Bryan Organ's portrait of David Attenborough, as the drawings go on show in the LSA Annual Exhibition at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

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  • Spotlight | LARS THARP

    7 June 2016

    I caught Lars on one of the rare free days of domestic relaxation he can enjoy: mostly being a free lance lecturer, consultant in ceramics, cultural tourist operator in both the Far East and in Europe, means he spends a good deal of time away from his home town.. . .Joan Stephens talks to the President of Leicester Society of Artists

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  • Spotlight | Introducing the LSA Annual Exhibition 2014

    8 December 2014

    Lars Tharp describes his new role as he takes over as President of Leicester Society of Artists

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