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LCB Depot Gallery
31 Rutland Street
Leicester LE1 1RE

Passion2Print is Leicester Print Workshop’s biennial exhibition of contemporary printmaking.This year’s show marks the culmination of our 30th Birthday and the first year in its new building. With this in mind, artists have made new work inspired by the theme, A Sense of Place.

Showing in the Light Box and Print Room at the LCB Depot, original prints from 18 artists include LSA members Sarah Kirby, Fiona Humphrey, George Sfougaras and Lesley Brooks.

Print by George Sfougaras

George Sfougaras, Songs from my Mother

"This is a large scale screenprint in two colours, and is part of my current work on 'emotional maps' and psycho-geography," says George Sfouraras about Songs from my Mother.

"It is made up of snippets of the stories and saying my mother shared with me over the years and which came down to her from long ago. The images are like a little narrative on the portrait of her face, combined with writing in Greek and letter shapes which make up the tonal parts.

"In the background is an excerpt from a book I loved as a child from a writer who, due to his leftist leanings, was forced into exile and sought political asylum in communist Romania. 

"The story is about a young boy who is desperate to get an education, despite his poverty and lack of family support. The boy embodies simple wisdom and justice, whilst all around him a callous world values material wealth. All together this is an image of a remembered childhood, of feelings and ideas that have shaped me as a person."