Photograph by Tiffany Tangen

Tiffany Tangen, 'I am an Individual', photograph

Gallery without Walls

Gallery Without Walls is a unique distributed art gallery based in Leicester. The first exhibition (GWW01) is showing work by De Montfort University students and graduates at a number of locations around the city. These include LCB Depot in the Cultural Quarter, local bars and venues, De Montfort University and the famous Peter Pizzeria.

Peter Pizzeria - Tiffany Tangen

9 Welford Place
Leicester, LE1 6ZH
0116 2545333

"I wanted to portray the raw depth of a person subtly, showing aspects of their essential nature," says Tiffany Tangen. "The dirt and feculence people pick up from the world, physically and metaphorically is shown by intensifying their insecurities through use of lighting to pick up every blemish on their face. Contrasting the clarity of imperfections, the lighting verges on commercialism whilst opposing the commercial expectations of perfection. The portraits are confrontational and challenge the viewer to confront the impurities in their own lives."