Tim Fowlers - skulls paintings

Tim Fowler, 100 skulls (section)

LCB Depot - Lightbox Gallery
31 Rutland Street

A live painting installation by Tim Fowler creating 100 skulls

CLOSING PARTY: Friday 30 November from 5pm - 9pm

All skulls will be sold for £50 each

Tim Fowler at LBB Depot Leicester

Tim Fowler at the LCB Depot with his 100 canvasses before starting on his 100 skulls installation

Skulls have a strong connection to the theory of Memento Mori or 'Remember Death' which is a medieval practice to reflect on mortality, especially the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. Considering these ideas Tim will create paintings of skulls within Lightbox.

Visitors can come and watch Tim Fowler paint live within the space and after a week all the works will culminate in a 100 painting installation as a StudioName residency exhibition

W: timfowler.co.uk

W: www.lcbdepot.co.uk/event/studioname-residency