artwork by George Sfougaras

Cardiff Bay

An inspiring collection of commissioned artwork in response to twelve English language novels set in Wales. These form part of the wider Literary Atlas of Wales project, which investigates how books and maps help us understand the spatial nature of the human condition. It explores how English language novels set in Wales contribute to our understanding of the real-and-imagined nature of the country, its history, and its communities.

The artists play with traditional notions of cartographic mapping, and explore the possibilities of visually communicating the relations between ‘page’ and ‘place’, as well as ‘books’ and ‘maps’

Each work proves that just as there is no single way to read a book or to know a place. Yet together, the works embrace multiple voices that speak of the richness of writing, thinking, and inhabiting “real-and-imagined” Wales.

LSA exhibiting artist: George Sfougaras