Jacqui Gallon and Miffy Ryan (centre) work with MA students from Taiwan in a woodland setting

Artists Jacqui Gallon and Miffy Ryan collaborate to curate an exciting two day course which will take place in a secluded, privately owned, woodland setting in the Charnwood Forest (just outside of Loughborough, Leicestershire).  The two day course will appeal to practising artists, emerging artists, lapsed artists and the curious.  The course will serve to enhance professional development, providing a foundation for practitioners interested in developing inclusivity and engagement in the arts within their own practice.

Through a series of workshops, cutting edge methodologies expanding the field of art practice will be explored and will include strategies such as:

A series of 'Toolkits' are introduced throughout the course to provide frameworks participants can add to and apply when delivering their own workshops, performances, immersive experiences and practices.  

The course is the concept of artists Jacqui Gallon and Dr Miffy Ryan who are the course co-ordinators.  Guest artist Mita Solanky who is a performance artist has developed a series of meditations using sequences of Mudra that take inspiration from the life cycle of plants and our part in that cycle as consumers of plant life forms.  Mita will perform three Mudras during the two day course: 'Emerge', 'Bloom' and 'Release'.


The course follows a developmental sequence. However, each day can also work as a standalone experience. You can opt to participate on one or both days.

Course fees £120 per day/£200 for two days.* 

There is a good range of B & B/hotel accommodation in the local vicinity for those travelling a distance (list available on request).  

To book or request further details about the course please email Jacqui Gallon at timeplacememory@gmail.com.   

Note: The site is accessible over rough ground which is not suitable for wheelchair users.  The site is a short walking distance from an indoor workspace, study area and toilet facilities.


* There are a limited number of subsidised places for those experiencing financial hardship.


 All enquiries regarding the course to Jacqui Gallon at timeplacememory@gmail.