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Chester Street
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Mon - Wed 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
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A new exhibition 'Kinesis' showcases the work of George Sfougaras, alongside 3D work of Stefan Chabluk, at the Gateway Gallery, Shrewsbury, from July 1st – 31st August.

Pictured here with 'Yiayia' a work to be shown at the exhibition, George, makes work that exists at the intersection of art, history, politics and culture, with topics drawn from personal experiences, family histories and contemporary events.  George says:

"When I make art, I feel a sense of continuity where time is a concept and all things are happening in the present moment. I create work which I hope engages others at an emotional level, which encourages dialogue, healing and reconciliation within the self and the world beyond.

"I am excited to be exhibiting in the town of beautiful Shrewsbury"

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