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Glen Heath studied fine art at Loughborough College of Art, Leicestershire where she achieved 1st class Honours degree and then an MA in Fine Art at University College of Central England, Birmingham.

Glen Heath’s work focusses on local areas of Leicester such as the Market Place, flower shop, Bradgate Park and theatres. Many of the places she chooses to paint have held a particular fascination for her from childhood. She connects with this familiarity sometimes through recorded experience or through the realms of fantasy. “It may be a tree, a flower, place or a person”, says Glen Heath, “each has a story to tell”.

Her recent work revolves around 'Garden Art' letting the memory and imagination create a magical and a rural oasis within an urban environment. "The progression of my work is turning towards the vast rewilding of waste land, rockfaces and demolition areas," says Glen. "Minute, unnoticed flowers and green foliage stretch towards the light with a vigour far extending their initial size, to transform their surroundings. There is a need to recognise the power of plants to change the character of wild and neglected spaces."