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James Thompson graduated in Fine Art at De Montfort University way back in ‘96. Twenty five years in advertising helping to sell other people's stuff followed, and although rewarding, an itch was left unscratched. But for a thoughtful gift, that might well have been that. So he found himself back in the life drawing studio, with a paint brush in his hand, wondering why he had ever stopped.

“Although I now think of myself as a painter, my work is definitely influenced by the day job and has a strong linear quality. In fact, I often draw back into a painting again and again. As a figurative artist, I try to capture what I see, but am also fascinated by mark making and what it is that makes a picture successful. I think there is a conflict in my work between the fine art aesthetic and the sense of order and control prevalent in my designer mind. I wish to explore this conflict more, and learn to let go.”

James Thompson’s works are generally displayed on his own walls (don’t judge me), with the odd piece finding its way into the homes of others. He paints in acrylics and oils and uses more charcoal than he probably should. He still attends weekly classes in life drawing trying to develop his craft, and does a lot of staring into space and procrastinating in his home studio.

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