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‘In my work, I attempt to capture a glimpse of human nature and nostalgic sense of my childhood memory. I want to take the viewer on a visual journey through the winding dusty roads of rural India, captured through people, expressions, and symbolic moments.

I use acrylic on canvas, to create shapes, colour, and composition to tell untold narratives which compel the viewer to almost experience the sensations of rural India as I remember.’

Kamal Koria is an East Midlands based professional artist with a successful career that spans over 40 years, his works have been widely exhibited with numerous private collectors. His practice has made a significant difference to the South Asian arts market in the UK and across the continents.

Since arriving to the UK in 1970’s, he established himself as UK's first Asian Graphic Artist. He became the lead designer in the market of Diwali cards, wedding invitations and bhangra record cover designs. His iconic image for Jalpur Mill food packaging can be seen in all major supermarkets, his series of Bhangra record covers are now collectibles, his style has become familiar to many south Asians across the UK.

Now in retirement, K.Koria fills sketchbook pages then transform’s pages to contemporary paintings. His mastered ability is distinguished by his expert use of colour, technique and composition. Inspired by the rich culture of colourful India, his paintings poetically.

His story can be read at  https://issuu.com/charnwoodarts/docs/kamal_koria

Instagram  koriakamal