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What started as nothing more than trying out an adult learners’ art class, following early retirement, soon had me hooked. Thanks to the encouragement of good tutors I joined a course at Leicester University’s Attenborough Arts Centre that led to a Higher Certificate of Education in Painting and Drawing.
I’ve exhibited with Leicester Sketch Club and had several solo exhibitions. I’m a regular participant in Art House Leicester and open my home to the public. I’ve also exhibited a number of times at the Melbourne Festival in Derbyshire.
I paint abstract pictures mainly in acrylic but also mixed media. I’m particularly attracted by the discarded, by decay and dereliction in the the built environment and texture plays an important role in most of my work.
My pictures are an arrangement of the formal elements that you find in any painting — colour, form and texture - but they have no external references. So what starts with some sort of idea, memory or mood begins to take on a life of its own as the painting progresses. I can never predict its final outcome as it has no narrative and does not symbolise anything.
The artist Patrick Heron said that a painting is not a vehicle for meaning but is in itself the meaning and I go along with that. I also cite Whistler who remarked that “a picture should have its own merit …. independent of all clap-trap”.
I suggest you simply try to connect with my images through your personal and unique sensibilities and experiences that may hopefully lead you on a journey of visual discovery.