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I am a mixed media artist who loves working with pattern, texture, shape, structure and colour. I like re-purposing old book pages and working on any paper ephemera with expressive marks, layers of paint, mono type printing and drawn marks. These surfaces often get covered, but tiny fragments can be exposed to reveal a sense of history and discovery. I often incorporate collage in my work. Collage gives me unexpected opportunities to create relationships between marks, textures and shapes that do not necessarily belong together. My paintings are frequently abstract but allude to the context or concept the work explores. I see myself as an artist painting with paper and sometimes drawing with scissors.  

I have a long previous career in printed textile design, so a love of colour, shape, structure and texture is a constant feature in my work. However, I now have much more freedom and enjoy intuitively exploring my practice and showing more of the real ‘me’.

Alongside my freelance design studio work, I have taught part-time at various universities but more regularly at De Montfort on the (B.A.Hons) Textile Design course for many years. I am now a full-time artist and have exhibited and sold work in the U.K and internationally.