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Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art I classed myself as an architectural painter. I paint a range of structures that make up cityscapes including, listed buildings, iconic structures, derelict buildings and contemporary architecture. I wander the streets of various cities taking photos of whatever catches my eye. The photo is the starting point of my painting but not an exact template.

My paintings are partially recognisable images distorted with strong colour and abstract elements. I try to capture something deeper, as opposed to literal representation. I use combinations of acrylic, enamel, gloss, spray paint, ink, graffiti paints, oil sticks and marker pens. My approach to painting is very energetic and brave. My techniques include using masking tape, stencilling, broken lines, flat colour, palette knife painting, mark making and the hardest technique - making mistakes. I find making mistakes helps me to discover a new sense of direction with a painting, especially if I feel like I've hit a dead end with a particular piece.

In 2013 I decided I wanted to try painting something new, not architecture based. I painted two self-portraits taken from photos of me with a facial injury. I was very pleased with the results and they made me realise I am not an 'architectural painter' but simply a 'painter'. I then began to explore my style of painting without the context of buildings. I started a series of portraits based on photos of Victorian people and people from the 1940's. Even though this is totally different subject matter from my previous work, the bold juxtaposition of colours and mediums keeps very much in the style of 'Tim Fowler'.