LSA Annual Exhibition Poster 2008


New Walk Museum & Art Gallery
53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA

2008 marks the 123rd annual exhibition of the Leicester Society of Artists, always held at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery. There are brand new works from members and the breadth of work exhibited continues to widen. There are 162 works on show and many media are included from sculpture to pantings, embroidered pieces, artists’ prints, drawing and wood-carving.

The exhibition was opened by the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Leicester Councillor Majula P Sood, who attended the evening preview opening with her Consort Cllr Manish Sood. The prizes listed below were kindly selected by Sue Brooks of the J Gallery, Northampton and presented to the artists by the Lord Mayor of Leicester.

LSA Prizes 2008

George Pickard Prize for the most innovative and modern work

Painting by Barbara Agg

Barbara Agg, 'Sheep & Sorrell'

Barbara Agg, ‘Sheep and Sorrel’ 

“An acrylic painting of what she sees around her, this work has wonderful atmosphere, which reflects her love of the countryside. Her original choice of colours reveals a mature confidence that has enabled her to manipulate the colour and form juggling them into rhythmic distillations of place.” – Sue Brooks

Guy Dixon Prize for the most outstanding work

Painting by Dennis F Wills

Dennis F Wills 'Melrose Abbey and the Eildon Hills'

Dennis F Wills, ‘Melrose Abbey and the Eildon Hills’.

“This is a borderline between figuration and abstraction. When a mark starts to form a recognisable readable landscape. Melrose is ”on the edge” and Dennis has caught the sombre symmetries of his subject matter and this watercolour arouses a strong sense of place.“ – Sue Brooks

Society Prize

Painting by Brenda Brailsford

Brenda Brailsford, 'Interior with Flowers 1'

Brenda Brailsford, ‘Interior with Flowers 1’

“This is a muted mixed media composition. Its combination of intimacy, fresh information and rough edges gives a view of the flowers and the table in a deconstructed form.” – Sue Brooks

Henton Prize

Sculpture by Peter Carter

Peter Carter, 'First Kiss', stainless steel

Peter Carter, ‘First Kiss’

“A recognisable embrace from two figures evokes warmth and passion in a medium that is, by it’s very nature, cold and hard. Sculpturally accurate, skilfully and artistically fabricated from recycled material conveying movement, allows this piece to show emotion and attractiveness.” – Sue Brooks

Ellis Prize

Sculpture by Carl Swanson

Carl L Swanson, 'Forbidden Fruit'

Carl L Swanson RWA, ‘Forbidden Fruit’

“An imposing sculpture of bronze aluminium and other media. This work draws interest into and around its form and your naturally enquiring eye asks you to peer into the cavity to reveal a catalogue of texture and colour. Through and around the form the focus is drawn to the centre. ‘Craggy and silky’ might describe this interesting form.” – Sue Brooks