Painting by Lyn Armitage

Balcony Gallery,
Sock Gallery,
Loughborough Town Hall
Market Place,
Leicestershire, LE11 3EB

A solo exhibition of paintings by Lyn Armitage to encapsulate the promise of Summer.

Lyn leaves the dim darkness of Winter to travel to the freshness of newly planted and emerging early gardens and then onto the tropical colours of hot summer borders. From small pots of Auriculas to fields of flowers, her paintings sing with vibrant colours and the textures of plant life. This passion for flowers is reflected in a sympathetic blend of light and colour which she imbues in her paintings.

Lyn Armitage creates loose, sensitive watercolours which, alongside spontaneous and strong acrylic canvasses, capture a sense of immediacy and isolate an unforgettable moment in time.

LSA Exhibiting Artist: Lyn Armitage