Painting by Rita Sadler

Rita Sadler, Burleigh Bluebell Woods

Sock Gallery
Loughborough Town Hall
Market Place
Leicestershire, LE11 3EB

Open Mondays-Saturdays from 9am-5pm and when the venue is open for events and shows

A collaborative exhibition by Rita Sadler and Ingrid Kleins-Daniels

Rita Sadler and Ingrid Kleins-Daniels are cousins whose mothers settled in Leicestershire from Latvia after the Second World War.  Continuing the family tradition of creativity, both are experienced art tutors who are developing their own artistic pathways through a similar love of colour, texture and experimentation with different materials.

Rita and Ingrid share an interpretative style of work that expresses both the spirit felt in the landscape as well as in dance. Rita uses her local landscape and the area around Garendon Park, Loughborough as a source of inspiration, whereas Ingrid’s focus is through the dynamics of the human form in movement and dance.

T: 01509 231914