Photograph by Tiffany Tangen

Tiffany Tangen, Exhausted and Exhibited, Digital Print

Painting by Samson Tudor

Samson Tudor, Land of Lost Content, oil on canvas

Joint Winners

Tiffany Tangen, BA, Fine Art, De Montfort University, 2016
Samson Tudor
, BA, Fine Art (1st year), Loughborough University


Alice Heaton, BA, Design Crafts, De Montfort University, 2016

Tiffany Tangen - Winner
BA, Fine Art, De Montfort University, 2016

Tiffany Tangen in front of her prize winning photograph

Tiffany Tangen is a portrait photographer looking at the twilight world of the menacing and the grotesque.  Her photographs emphasize the subjects’ faults and personal insecurities, studying the physical and mental strain on ordinary people.

"Using heavily contrasting darks and lights alongside intense clarity, my work reveals every detail and imperfections,," says Tiffany Tangen. "I want the subjects to appear to be screaming for an audience, the expectation of noise. With no specific positioning given, they are almost undirected and appear to be trapped in the stillness of the world."

Samson Tudor - Winner
BA, Fine Art (1st year), Loughborough University

Samson Tudor infront of his award winning painting

Samson Tudor is a painter, who has completed his first year of a Fine Art BA, studying at Loughborough University.

"This work explores the current zeitgeist of widespread political and social discontent set against the backdrop of the mass refugee crisis and terror hysteria," says Samson Tudor.

 Alice Heaton - Runner Up
BA, Design Crafts, De Montfort University, 2016

Alice Heaton with glass

Alice Heaton specialises in ‘hot glass’, sometimes with different media such as wood and metal. She was awarded Highly Commended by the prestigious Goldsmiths Company for an innovative glass medal design and the Albert Thomas Roberts Arts & Crafts Scholarship and a commendation from the Contemporary Glass Society and her work has appeared at Graduate Fashion Week 2016.

"I considered the uncontrollable elements of nature for my collection 'Life Within' ", says Alice Heaton. "I created a collection of sculptural objects, using a painters approach to glass. The bold intensely coloured microscopic creatures, sponges and coral that exist in our oceans are the inspiration for my glass vessels. Capturing the dynamic movement caused by the force of sub aqua currents, I manipulate the glass until it is at the point of collapse then work with it. I apply vivid colour combinations that reflect those found underwater to create individual and exuberant sculptural objects."


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