Painting by Catherine Headley

Catherine Headley, 'Carn & Gorse'

Stamford Arts Centre
27 St Mary's Street
Lincs PE9 2DL

Open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 9.00pm

Catherine Headley has been working in a studio at the top of Stamford Arts Centre for twenty-five years and she runs an art class on Tuesday mornings. Catherine encourages her students to search within themselves, to ask, 'What do I want to say in my art?' and to pursue their own personal means of expression.

Painting by Catherine Headley's student

Stocker, 'Ionian Summer'

Several members of the group embrace the challenges of abstract painting.  Others take landscape or still life as their subject matter, interpreting rather than copying.  Catherine shares the sentiments of the late Sir Terry Frost:  “abstract art gives each person such a chance to learn about themselves and travel so far in space and colour and time”.

Rachel Barron-Clarke, one of Catherine’s students says: 'Abstract painting is one of the most challenging and frustrating, but at the same time totally engrossing, thing I have tried to do. What keeps me at it when I fail so miserably most of the time I have no idea, but it really gets into your soul and when Catherine congratulates you on your work it is the best feeling ever!'

Photograph of Catherine Headley


Catherine Headley

Catherine gained an honours degree in Fine Art: Painting at Bath Academy of Art. After graduating Catherine achieved success as a landscape water colourist but eventually returned to abstract painting.  She is a member Leicester Society of Artists, Leicester Print Workshop, exhibits in galleries in various parts of the UK and has nine times had a painting shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  In 2006 she and her late husband Trevor Tanser made RA history by becoming the first married couple to have two paintings each hung in the Summer Exhibition.

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T: 01780 763203