3 prizewinning works in LSA Annual Exhibition 2017


The Charles Stanley and LSA Prizes in the Annual Exhibition 2017 were chosen by Jiten Anand, Director of An Indian Summer and Yasmin Canvin, Director of Leicester Print Workshop, whose comments on the works are listed below. 

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LSA prizewinner Geoffrey Beasley

Charles Stanley Gold Prize

£300 sponsored by Charles Stanley

Geoffrey Beasley

'Portrait of Alex',  oil on canvas

"Outstanding technique and extraordinary sense of detail. Despite the muted colours, the portrait jumps out at you with the sense of realism and use of light."  

Painting by Geoffrey Beasley

Geoffrey Beasley, 'Portrait of Alex', oil on canvas

Photograph of prize winner Dave Pidgeon

Charles Stanley Silver Prize

£200 sponsored by Charles Stanley

Dave Pidgeon

'Girl in Constant Fog', oil and pencil.

"This piece feels very melancholy and unnerving, incredible simplicity used to paint the image, bringing out such depth of emotion." 

Painting by Dave Pidgeon

Dave Pidgeon, 'Girl in Constant Fog', oil and pencil


blown glass by Alice Heaton

Alice Heaton, 'Blown Glass set'

Charles Stanley Bronze Prize 

£100 sponsored by Charles Stanley

Alice Heaton

"Blown Glass Set"

"An instant eye-catching piece of art, accessible and easy to like with the vibrant and surprising set of colours, connecting the overall piece with its individual shapes." 

painting by John Voss

John Voss, 'Time and Tide waits for No One', oil

George Pickard Prize

£100 sponsored by LSA

John Voss

'Time and Tide Waits for No One', oil

"The irony of the slow turtle and speed of time portraits a thought provoking picture, a very strong painting in terms technique and the story it is portraying."

LSA prizewinner Alan Hopwood


LSA Chair's Prize

£100 sponsored by LSA

Alan Hopwood

'Low tide across St Austell Bay', mixed media on board

"Beautiful mark making," said LSA Chair Suzanne Harry who chose the work to win this prize, "A painting I just want to keep looking at."

LSA prizewinner Scott Bridgwood


Guy Dixon Prize

£75 sponsored by LSA

Scott Bridgwood

'Seated Figure', oil


"This painting instantly brings out a sense of emotion, the object feels very grounded, compared to the extreme contrast with the lady, who has a presence but feels ethereal."

painting by Scott Bridgwood

Scott Bridgwood, 'Seated Figure', oil


LSA prizewinner Sarah Kirby


Henton Ellis Prize 

£50 sponsored by LSA

Sarah Kirby

'St Mary de Castro and Castle Yard', linocut

"Brings out the feeling of being lost in a city and losing your sense of direction. Beautiful architectural shapes, like everything around her has become a pattern." 

 LSA Student Award 2017 Prizes

The LSA Student Award is open to students in full or part time education at a college or university in Leicestershire, studying a foundation course or degree course in 2017 in any art or design discipline.  The winning student works were selected by the LSA Student Award selection team.

LSA Student Award 2017 Winner: Sarah Charlton

(BA Design Crafts, De Montfort University)

Cube Collection by Sarah Charlton

Sarah Charlton - LSA Student Award 2017 prizewinner

Sarah Charlton, 'Cube Collection' multi-media

 Sarah Charlton, 'Cube Collection' multi-media

"Sarah Charlton's 3D sculpture is an accomplished work, which exudes serenity," said Suzanne Harry, LSA Chair


LSA Student Award 2017 Runner Up: Holly Kerslake 

Painting by Holly Kerslake

Holly Kerslake, 'We can get Along', oil on canvas

 Holly Kerslake
BA Fine Art, Loughborough University, 'We can get along',  oil on canvas

"Holly's painting is mysterious and beautiful, executed with skill," commented Suzanne Harry, LSA Chair



LSA Student Award 2017 Runner Up: Stefania Laccu

Artwork by Stefania Laccu

Stefania Laccu, 'Psychosomatic Skin Series', oil on acetates and metal foil

Stefania Laccu
PhD. Fine Art, De Montfort University, Year 1

'Psychosomatic Skin Series' (triptych), Oil on acetates and metal foil


Stefania produced an intriguing series of works entitled  'The Anatomy of The Mind-Body', which left us wondering how the various effects had been achieved.  - Suzanne Harry