Sculpture by Michael Moralee

Cank Street Gallery
44-46 Cank Street
Leicester LE1 5GW

In collaboration with LSA a new exhibition has opened at The Cank Street Gallery

Natural Elements | Michael Moralee

An exhibition of sculpture and photography

Michael Moralee is a Rutland-based artist, working in photography and sculpture taking inspiration from the natural world. A member of LSA, Michael finds natural connections between the disciplines of photography and sculpture.

Photograph by Michael Moralee

Michael Moralee, 'Swale River', photograph

The exhibition includes photography using traditional, time lapse and digital techniques. He has been working on a series of photographs of reflections in water.

"I am intrigued by the way the light on water creates patterns both on the surface and the sea bed.” says Michael.

Working mostly outdoors responding to the elements, the sounds, smells, temperature, wind and light. His latest sculpture is based on sea and waves. Taking his tools and some stone to Cornwall, he carved on the cliff top, the stormy sea informing his work.

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