Echoes of Exclusion poster

Test Space
Spike Island (Top Floor)

133 Cumberland Road
Bristol BS1 6UX

Open Daily: 12pm-5pm (closed Mondays)

VOLts (VOLunteers test space) are an eclectic group of emerging and established artists who also volunteer at Spike Island, Bristol. Here they collaborate for the first time, drawing inspiration from the philosophical nature of Test Space, in particular the sensations of transience and dissociation that pervade the space.

Painting by Annie O'Connor

Painting by Annie O'Connor

The VOLts artists are: Shirley Alderton, Caroline Blake, Aloys Feeney, James Norman, Annie O’Connor, Sarah Ramsey, Cat Smith and Beckie Upton. This exhibition is the result of their recent residency in Spike Island studios.

Test Space is programmed by studio holders based at Spike Island and offers artists a chance to exhibit new works and test ideas. Artists from within the Spike Island community and beyond are included.

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