drawing by Emma Fitzpatrick

The Exchange
50 Rutland Street
Cultural Quarter
Leicester  LE1 1RD

Time: 10.30 to 1.00pm

Cost: £17

Tutor:  Emma Fitzpatrick

The workshop aim is to increase your understanding and skill in the use of line in your work -  continuous and broken line, pressures, variation of thickness, flow, movement etc when drawing.

The workshop consists of short indoor exercises in the Snug (separate room within The Exchange on the ground floor) followed by short outdoor sketching exercises of buildings around the area but these will be done indoors if weather is bad. These exercises are aimed at developing your understanding and use of some fundamental principals and not aimed at producing finished work.

Maximum 10 participants.

What to bring: a few different kinds of drawing materials e.g pencil, pen, ink, charcoal or watercolour and brush, pencils, coffee mixers, rubber, pastels or whatever you normally use. Don't buy anything specially for this. A sketchpad (A4 or A3 cartridge) and some watercolour paper if you have it (can buy some from me on the day). Don't bring too much gear as we want to move about outside easily so just a small sample of drawing materials is fine for the exercises and I will bring stuff if you need it. Bring a foldable stool unless you are happy to stand around and draw. Clothing to suit the weather. Optional: a sample print out of artists work you admire to talk about at the end.

Tickets: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/city-sketching-values-tickets-67076695201?aff=erelexpmlt