Cover of 'Birds and their Extraordinary Worlds'

A new book from Bloomsbury, written by television presenter and President of the RSPB, Miranda Krestovnikoff, and brought to life by Angela Harding, RSPB Birds will amaze and intrigue.

What birds can do is extraordinary. The statuesque golden eagle spots prey from kilometres away. You can tell what time of day an owl hunts by looking at the colour of its eyes. With its long, muscular legs, the secretary bird has a powerful kick that is enough to kill large prey like snakes and hares. Discover which bird is the fastest, the smallest, the cleverest, the most colourful and much more.

A project that has been 3 years in the making and working closely with the publishers, Angela Harding created all the illustrations from lino and silkscreen to give this stunning 60 page book an individual and intriguing feel.