Maria Boyd in her studio

Maria Boyd has won a coveted place on the art& RAW Talent Award programme, which nurtures emerging artists by offering support in business development through expert mentoring. Maria is showing her work at  the three-day Art&York 2020 show celebrating art, design & contemporary craft at York Racecourse from 23rd to 25th October. 

"I was absolutely delighted to have been selected to be one of the RAW talent artists," says Maria.  "Raw Talent Award is open to anyone in the UK who is an emerging artist. They whittle a huge number of applications down to 24,whom they meet in person and view their work - 12 are then selected to be part of their RAW Talent programme.

artwork by Maria Boyd

Maria Boyd, '[caption]'

Being selected for the RAW Talent Award has been one of the most amazing opportunities I have had. Since joining the RAW Talent award programme, I feel I have been on an enlightening journey.

At times I have felt like I am totally out of my depth, and have been pushed out of my comfort zone but, as I have soon discovered this has been a good thing! Not only have I been given the tools to grow and gain the confidence to present myself to the public, but to be proud of my work."

Through the process I have found support and understanding from my fellow “RAWries!” Despite not being able to meet up in person, we have become acquainted through regular Zoom meetings, and we chat together on an almost daily basis. From sharing our fears and triumphs, to dispensing advice and consoling each other. It is a fantastic opportunity to be working alongside so many talented artists and to be working together towards our common goal of showing our work at a professional show.

artwork by Maria Boyd

Maria Boyd, '[caption]'

As mentors Victoria and Emily at Art& are very approachable and understanding and are genuinely invested in preparing us to be the best we can be. They are extremely generous in sharing their combined and considerable wealth of knowledge in marketing and presentation, as they prepare us to taking part in not just art&York but, any show we may participate in the future.

Art& York 2020 exhibition


Exhibition | Art& York 2020
(23 - 25 October 2020)