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Printmaker Mandeep Dhadialla launched TLC (The Laughing Cactus) Print Club, an annual subscription where members receive four original prints a year delivered straight to their letterbox.  

"TLC Print Club is inspired by the simple, heartwarming feeling of receiving happy mail coupled with my printmaking practice exploring botanical flora of the great British countryside and my childhood home of equatorial Kenya," says Mandeep.

"The colour palette is often exaggerated to reflect the glowing light and its luminosity on plants, enhancing the vibrancy of their colours.  The sense of inner-home warmth captured through the essence of light is a nod to the substance, presence and nourishing energy the golden earth-glow we call home so graciously gives us.

Prints from The Laughing Cactus Print Club

RAs a TLC Print Club member, you’ll receive four times a year as postcard-size original prints for you to ceremoniously unwrap in excitement, revealing a beautiful piece of visual art. To enjoy an original, hand-pulled, postcard print in your home to lovingly gift as a keepsake. Your envelopes of print joy are posted annually in September, December, March and June.

On joining, along with your first original print, Donkey Tail, you’ll also receive a handprinted and hand-bound book as a hello and welcome gift, along with other handprinted goodies during your membership as a token of my thanks for supporting my printmaking."