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Meet the Artist


An opportunity to meet some of the LSA members exhibiting in the LSA Annual Exhibition 2021 at Newarke Houses Museum Leicester and ask questions about their work on Saturday afternoons in October.

Meet the Artist - no booking is required for your visit. Please note that Newarke Houses Museum only allow a certain number of visitors into the museum at a time which may result in a socially distanced queue. 

Saturday 9th October 2021

artwork by David Clarke

David Clarke, 'September', watercolour 50 x 28 cm

David Clarke

Meet the Artist - 2-3pm

Saturday 9th October 2021


artwork by Danielle Vaughan

Danielle Vaughan, Solitary Stag (in Sepia and Turquoise), collage 50 x 50 cm

Danielle Vaughan

Meet the Artist:  3 - 4pm

Saturday 16th October 2021

artwork by Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi, Buttercup Babe 2, mixed media on glass, 30 x 40 cm

Vishal Joshi

Meet the Artist:  2 - 3pm

Saturday 16th October 2021

artwork by Linda Sharman

Linda Sharman, Evening Light, Venice, oil on wood panel, 36 x 36 cm

Linda Sharman

Meet the artist: 3 - 4pm

Saturday 23rd October 2021

linocut by Mandeep Dhadialla

Mandeep Dhadialla, Tulip Daze, linocut, 23 x 27 cm

Mandeep Dhadialla

Meet the Artist:  2 - 3pm

Saturday 23rd October 2021

Artwork by Deborah Bird

Deborah Bird, St Ives, mixed media, 28 x 28 cm

Deborah Bird

Meet the Artist: 3 - 4pm

Saturday 30th October 2021

artwork by Vivienne Cawson

Vivienne Cawson, From the Garden 2, watercolour & gouache, 39.5 x 45 cm

Vivienne Cawson

Meet the Artist:  2 - 3pm


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