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The Blue Boar

Time:  7pm  - Organised by Maldon Books, Essex:

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Much-loved printmaker, Angela Harding, will be discussing her illustrated guide to nature, ‘A Year Unfolding,’ with journalist, writer and editor, Catherine Larner.

A Year Unfolding is a beautifully illustrated guide to nature through the seasons. The first book that is solely dedicated to Angela’s art, is a celebration of her beautiful prints, and a glimpse into her detailed and meticulous process. A Year Unfolding is a journey through Angela’s year in nature watching the seasons unfold in front of her from her studio in Rutland, and giving the reader detail into how nature transforms and evolves over the course of the year.

The also tells the stories behind some of Angela’s most popular images, giving context to Angela’s celebrated work, as well as new art created specifically for the book. The beautiful illustrations and evocative imagery of the prose make this the perfect book for Angela’s fans and readers and art lovers everywhere, and we’re very excited to be joined by Angela for a discussion on her first book and celebrated artwork.

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