Amy Bonsor, Biocatalysis

Amy Bonsor, Biocatalysis (detail), stitched pen on paper with wax

Broadway Cinema
14-18 Broad Street,
Nottingham NG1 3AL

Pint of Science speakers have been paired with local artists who are hard at work creating artistic re-imaginings of their scientist’s research. Art produced as part of Creative Reactions is on display in the gallery at Broadway Cinema. Come and be inspired to combined science and art.

Open  -12pm-late Monday– Friday. No ticket required. Just pop by! Open to all ages.

Amazing artwork from the following artists - Sue Nicholas | Charles Binns | Mark Green | Ally Zlatar | Daniele Bongiovanni |Paul Malone | Alexandra Francis | Julien Masson | Amy Bonsor | Dora Prassa  Bernardine Rutter | Lynne Chapman

Includes LSA Member - Amy Bonsor

Amy Bonsor, Biocatalysis

Amy Bonsor, Biocatalysis, stitched pen on paper with wax

‘Biocatalysis’ is the result of a collaboration by Amy Bonsor with Cintia Milagre, a scientist based in Soa Paulo, Brazil and is inspired by her research in Green Chemistry.

"My aim with the piece was to capture Cintia’s fascination with the transformation of the substrate to the product through the chemical reaction process," says Amy Bonsor.