Go to BBC iplayer to download and watch 'Grace and Jemisha' first screened on BBC One on Monday, 24 July 20:30  here.  

In this series of Extraordinary Portraits, Bill Bailey matches NHS Workers with some of the UK's finest artists paring inspirational junior doctor Grace with painter Jemisha Maadhavji, a rising star of the art world.

Grace was 22 and a fourth-year medical student when a man jumped from a third-floor balcony and landed on her.  Despite sustaining a life-altering spinal cord injury Grace continued her medical studies and is now a practising junior doctor in a busy London A&E department. Grace sees what she calls her “visible scar” as an advantage in her role: being in a wheelchair brings her closer to eye-level with the hospital beds, making it easier to connect with her patients.

Twenty-six year-old figurative artist Jemisha is inspired by subjects who don't fit conventional social labels - which makes her the perfect artist to capture Grace. Known for her vibrant portraits, detailed with carefully curated prints and colours, Jemisha is interested in ‘the outsider’ - an approach which has landed her work in Vogue India.



Extraordinary Portraits is a Chatterbox Media production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Executive Producers are Nav Raman and Ali Quirk and the Commissioning Editor is Emma Cahusac for BBC One and BBC Arts.