Joy Norman in Reclaim Magazine

Joy Norman is featured artist in Reclaim Magazine in February 2023.  Using antique lace, handmade paper and found items, Joy Norman creates delicate vessels and stories of exploration and adventure.

"I am thrilled to have been invited to feature as the selected artist in Reclaim magazine in their Artists Stories section," says Joy. "In the article, written by Andreina Cordani, we discuss how I got started, my materials and techniques and Miss Clara Knight, amongst other things."

Miss Clara Knight is an intrepid, resourceful Victorian lady who travels the world seeking out scientific curious and objects of antiquity, writes Andreina Cordani.  Fossils, fathers, shells and scraps of ephemera are arranged beautifully in frames or times word antique boxes, often alongeside sepia photographs and wisps of lace. Regrettably, hower, Miss Knight is not real. She's the breainchild of Leicestershire-based artist Joy Norman, who uses Clara's blog to find inspiration for her artwork and tell her own stories of myths, adventure and encounters with nature. . . . . .

Reclaim Magazine - February issue 2023


Read the article in Reclaim, Issue 78, February 2023 on sale from 19th January 2023 -