Elected 2023



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Nature Influenced, Contemporary-Traditional Artist. 

My work embodies a long-time obsession with architectural structures found in natural forms.

My fascination and learnings with traditional artistic methodology have become a leading factor in how I observe our organic world. What were once simple visuals; have become a complex arrangement of shapes, colour and light, or lack thereof. This way of seeing influenced me to interpret my observations artistically.

"Forms of Flora" is my current growing series of works focusing on botanical constructions; in macro and isolated formats. The paintings and drawings are all created using striking, highly saturated colours with dramatic, contrasting light. Each is used in combination to produce a loud, theatrical image.

A secondary body of work using the Max Ernst technique, 'frottage', is also ongoing. "Marchive" is a collection of plant rubbings which showcase biodiversity in its simplest two-dimensional form.