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Imaginative play with cotton reels and dressmaking pins under my grandmother’s sewing machine as a child, informed my storytelling practice from an early age. I grew up in London, an only child, surrounded by couture bricolage. 

Now based Leicestershire, I play with narrative, storytelling within my practice, layering sculptural forms with memories. Pieces embrace my lifelong love of foraging, birdlike for the found objects. I have a deep-rooted fascination with the energy contained in previously handled and worn materials. This is explored through an inner stillness, where I hold, feel and listen to the materials, creating new forms.

A mother and grandmother, being a woman and more importantly, feeling it, centres me. Currently, my thoughts and hands are pondering the menopause, reflecting on the birth of my children and imaging how this might be for future generations.

Being of a certain age, in the ‘grey zone’ of being unseen, offers me the opportunity to absorb, tell stories, perform and create with the freedom and self-confidence, that comes from life experience.

I have a BA (HONS) First Class in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University, where I am studying for an MFA and I am a member of Two Queens, Leicester.