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Born in Leicester, I have spent my whole life living in the south of the county. Even as a small child, I was fascinated by drawing and painting and left school with an A+ in art. I have no formal training in art, but I have had tuition over the years from tutors such as Edna Bull, Mary Rodgers and Joyce Markie. I am currently Chairman of the Market Harborough Art Club, and I am a member of several small painting groups.

Though I do take commissions, I mostly paint for enjoyment and I am always keen to explore different mediums, styles and subjects and don’t have a single theme to my work. That said, I am fascinated by people-watching, vehicles and animals, so my artworks are usually based on one or other of these. My favourite medium is gouache - which is less commonly used by artist these days - and lino printing. Being absorbed in both of these mediums is an equally satisfying way of spending my retirement years in a creative manner.

Recent Exhibitions

Open 27, Open 28, Open 29 Exhibitions, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester