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I greatly admire the work of the NYC Minimalist Art Movement. Notably Donald Judd, Robert Mangold and especially Agnes Martin. Their sense of calm, ordered, spiritual perfection is an inspiration and aspiration.
I sit in front of a perfectly prepared pristine canvas hoping to produce a minimal and considered piece of work. But then…Splish! Splash! Splosh! It is defiled in yet another glorious madcap riot of colour, form and shape! And I'm off on another painterly adventure.
My practice is to work on a series of ‘projects’. An idea, a notion, quickly develops and I work it through to a satisfactory conclusion. I then tackle a new idea and follow that through. I like to describe my style as a ‘No Style, Style’. If you don’t like what I am doing this week, stick around and you may like my next project.
I am always curious, always making art, always moving.
With a background in graphics I went on to study Fine Art at De Montfort University. Which taught me, the more you learn, the less you know! And to be wary of any form of pretention.
As yet I have not produced that perfect minimalist work, but it is on the list…maybe next week?