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I observe, dissect, transfer and then piece back together. My work develops from direct observation.

My practice develops through observation, which then leads to rhythm, gesture, and movement within my work. I want to offer the viewer a subjective truth to experience and see the colour, pattern, shape, and rhythm that I abstract from my subject matter. I am experimental with my practice and use a variety of different materials to explore concepts and ideas.

Although I'm comfortable working in a variety of mediums, my passion is to explore printmaking, bringing initial thoughts and ideas through to fruition. Printmaking allows me the freedom to physically involve myself within a process that brings an enormous amount of reward and satisfaction. It is an intrinsic part of my practice and I find the planning and the process of equal importance to the lifting of the screen or substrate that reveals the image.

I enjoy the anticipation of the unknown and how the mixing of inks and the pressure applied can involve itself in the development of an image. The process is an entity that needs to be respected and embraced to allow an intuitive and respected relationship between the artist and their desired intentions.

I have worked within Further Education and Higher Education for over 20 years, delivering a range of creative subjects including fine art, illustration, fashion design, 3D, interior, printmaking, life drawing and contextual studies.

Instagram    @ sketcherkris