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I am a printmaker and come from a long line of printers, albeit not particularly artistic. My great-great-grandfather was Edward Kimber, founder of Hughes & Kimber who were world renowned manufacturers of copper plates and printing presses in London since 1840. I make a lot of my smaller prints at home on my very own ancient Hughes & Kimber press. It is a joy having that connection to the past, and I imagine what my machine has lived through with each impression I make.

I enjoy screen-printing, drypoints and lino but mostly I print collagraphs, often incorporating additional watercolour. They are all inspired by my obsession with the sea and remote places. I love places that are hard to reach, where you could be isolated, but looking at them from an outsider’s perspective. I use a lot of colour and love the unpredictability of the collagraph process.

Jay Seabrook's work can be purchased from the Wistow Gallery, Wistow.