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I balance my art practice with my job as a primary school teacher which allows my passion for painting to be experienced by the pupils, as I am subject lead for art within the school.

I have been fascinated with painting people since I was a teenager but the last decade I have been exploring different subject matter as well, from still life painting to landscapes. During the last couple of years, I have gravitated towards painting more landscapes in an attempt to depict movement within the landscape.

When painting people, my work concentrates on the idea of capturing a person’s mood and personality within a fleeting moment. I work quickly with expressive brush and knife marks to try to attain a sense of movement within the painting. The process sometimes distorts and twists the figure out of recognition completely and although I feel likeness to the subject is important, I believe that it is vital that I leave my response to the subject through vivid marks that represent my immediate reaction to the subject. Recently I have enjoyed exploring experimenting with monochrome work as well as colour by painting iconic figures in popular culture.