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The imagery and main inspiration of sculptor John Sydney Carter are centred around the sea, sailing, birds, fish, the human form and the east coast, where he loves to sail. He has translated his powerful and personal imagery into three-dimensional forms in metal, bronze and aluminium. There is a spiritual urgency in these sculptures with their free and organic forms.

John has long been resident in Leicestershire. He first studied art in Leicester College and in 2009 curated the exhibition of Sculpture in the Garden at the University of Leicester. John is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculpture and was awarded a Doctorate of Letters for his contributions to sculpture in 2009.

Vortex, the sculpture shown above, was commissioned to stand in the atrium of the new P&O building at Carlton House Terrace, Pall Mall, where it was unveiled by Sir Philip Dowson, President of the Royal Academy, in 1999. The sculpture’s original commission provided an oppportunity for John Sydney Carter to combine three themes which have recurred throughout his artistic career: the power of machines; the sea; and the human form. The sculpture was donated by Hermes Real Estate Investment Ltd to the University of Leicester, where its permanent home is outside the Henry Wellcome Building, Lancaster Road, Leicester.