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My work relates to location – echoing, not only my connection with a place, but also my disconnection from it.  Routes travelled within places that once were home and journeys often repeated, continue to inform and shape the nature of my work and influence its development. 

Recently, I’ve been working on two bodies of work.  One is called, ‘Taking Time’ and the other is called, ‘Moving’.

‘Taking Time’, is part of a larger body of work that I have been working on for around ten years and that I began when I returned to England, after a period of time spent living in Germany. It includes the groups, ‘Held in Mind’, ‘Late November Afternoon’ and ‘Parkside’.

‘Moving’, includes the groups, ‘And When We Get There…’ and ‘Between Places’. These are works that have evolved from the countless journeys that I have made, backwards and forwards over the years, between my home town of Glasgow and various homes elsewhere - journeys that have left a lasting impression.

Painting is central to my practise (although I sometimes work in other mediums).  A number of years ago, I made a painting, which I then cut up and made into a number of smaller works.  Since then I have continued to explore this way of working – over time, developing a growing bank of shapes, colours and textures that begin with various locations.  Making paintings and taking them apart and remaking them are vital processes and steps, and this piecing together is how I arrive at finished works that are reminiscent of a place in time, but are also an evolving space of their own.

I studied Fine Art at Cumbria College of Art & Design and Staffordshire University, and have a Master of Fine Art Degree from the Glasgow School of Art.