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Phil Sawdon is an erstwhile academic and the keeper and founder of The Fictional Museum of Drawing. He is an Honorary Fellow of Loughborough University School of Design and Creative Arts where he worked for over twenty years.

He publishes in various formats including drawings, prose drawing fictions, academic/scholarly books, book chapters, sound-works and moving image. You can experience most of his writings at the Loughborough University Research Repository and via the website of The Fictional Museum of Drawing.

He co-edits the academic book series ‘Drawing In’ (Bloomsbury).

He also works with Deborah Harty (Loughborough University) as the creative drawing collaboration ‘humhyphenhum’ and with Russell Marshall ( Loughborough University) as ‘Marshall and Sawdon’.

Phil's current drawings are almost exclusively pen and ink and loosely concerned with the notion of aggregates.

He has maintained an irregular exhibition profile for over forty years.

E: pjsawdon@gmail.com
E: p.sawdon2@lboro.ac.uk