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I am a self-taught artist with a strong passion.

I was born in Shanghai and spent my child hood in Suzhou, before I set off to Amsterdam to grow into an adult. Currently I have been living and working in the UK for almost 10 years. My international upbringing and my passion to experience the world has brought me to many places around the globe. As a result, my art is inspired by the cultures from the East and the West, the places where I have lived and travelled to, the artists from these places such as Vincent van Gogh, and the people who I have encountered along the way.

I have a wide interest in the subject matter as well as the styles and materials I use. However I am particularly interested in peonies in Chinese court style and rain in contemporary style. However, despite of the variety of subjects, they all symbolise and express a portion of my inner world. I don't paint what I see. I paint how I feel and what I hear. My art isn't a pictorial description of an object or event. It integrates the mood and atmosphere of a moment. It is the romantic philosophy within the ancient mastery of oriental art. It could be the subject matters, injection of the mood and philosophy to my work, or bringing some traditional Chinese art and craft into a western media. My aim is to integrate Chinese art with western art.

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