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I am drawn to natural form for inspiration, particularly water, rock, plants and wood. I am intrigued by objects which have been weathered or affected by time, such as seed-heads, driftwood, pebbles and seaweed. The movement of water, especially where it meets land, fascinates me, and I often stand and observe how waves slowly encroach on, or retreat from, sand and rock, before starting a new piece. Colour and texture are especially important in my work, and I enjoy working in mixed media, acrylics and oils, using a variety of found objects as well as conventional tools to apply colour.

After 38 years of teaching Dance at Secondary level, I retired in 2010 with the intention of rediscovering and developing my love of drawing and painting. I joined an Adult Education art class in 2012 and continue to attend this, and I am a member of Leicester Sketch Club. Movement has always been an integral part of my life, and this usually seems to emerge in my work in some form or other. Having taken up ballet recently I’m now hoping to record human movement through my art as well as actually do it, so this is another direction for future work.