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My work is an exploration of identity. It questions society, labels and rules. I aim to remain experimental with ideas, mediums and techniques but I stand true to what engages me – mark making, chiaroscuro, perspective and a deep conceptual and philosophical vision.

At age 14, during my GCSE years, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the time I spent in hospital treating the cancer was made easier when I had my sketch book and pencil at hand.  Somehow, being attached to a drip didn’t seem so bad when I created another piece of art. I remember the feeling when I impressed my consultant and the nurses with my work.

After almost a year of treatment I was back at school, then I signed up for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Gateway College. My tutors were inspirational and developed my thought process towards art and I finished with Distinctions in every module.  It was then that I knew I wanted to be an Artist. The following three years took me through the University of Arts, London, where I graduated in Fine Art: Painting. I went on to study and travel in China. When I came back I needed to earn a living and fell into a role in a marketing firm back home in Leicester. After working there for six years, growing up and settling down, I decided to, once again plant my feet where they belong and pursue my career as an artist.

I paint in a style inspired by classic portrait artists like Freud and Jenny Saville. Paul Wright presented his work when visiting my college when I was 16 and it gave me an approach to painting that I have never let go of. I attended his workshop at the City Gallery in Leicester and during University I was fortunate enough to have a one week residency with Paul in his studio. My true love for painting is to understand the essence of human form through portrait painting and to develop my study of identity. I strongly feel that many people’s meaning to life is created with heavy emotions due to history and culture and this energy can be felt from places and in people, just as you can feel a mother’s love or a brother’s trust.